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Tuesday, January 9, 2007

A very sad episode for Muslim

I'm still befuddled by the spates of suicide bombings the world over. Noticeable all the martyrs were junior members of their respective organisation. With much difficulty could one identify a single incident where the suicide bombing was executed by their cult leader. Unfortunately it's difficult to come by or blatantly non existant!.The young and ardent followers were forthrightly brainwashed into "absolute obsequence" and dying for the cause of Islam would qualify them automatic and undisputed acceptance into heaven.

The point that I'm postulating is , if martyrdom offers immediate and unequivocal entry into Heaven, why is it that Osama and the rest with plenipotentiary authority go into hiding? Are they not equally anxious about after life and more pressingly their immediate entry into the Zenith? I would unquestionably enrol myself as the 1st candidate if their profession is authentic. Seemingly, they are more ambivalent over their own philosophy. Leaders not living by example is indeed a coward.
The birth of militant Islam has not spared our very nation and if we care to observe with scrutiny, it's pathetic that their philosophy is overwhelmed with belligerence and basically fundamentalist. We must always be in observance of "Darwin's theory of Evolution". Simply stipulates that unless we evolve, we will be extinct. Under this theory and analogous with Islamic society, unless we evolve in the pursuits of science and modernity, we are destined to be subservient to the Western nations and that's the rule of inevitability.
The Mullah always invoke the Almighty but more often than not they are to no avail and absolutely soothsaying in perspective and they have not proven to be correct, yet we are subservient to their promulgation. Unfortunately, there is no nation on earth that can be progressive when clergyman takes helm of the administration. The truth is so conspicuously prevalent, Egypt was once the cradle of civilisation and has lost it's spectre, Babylon is in demise, Pakistan is under siege, Afghanistan is in ruin, Indonesia is in a mayhem, Chad, Bangladesh, even the moderate secular Turkey is neither spared and the list goes on. We need to wake up and realise that clergyman just do not understand and evolve in their philosophy into modernity and their politics demand utmost submission and pejorative in nature.
As a devoted Muslim, we must endeavour Science and technology, civility and embrace modernity, to thrust our society into the forefront and prove to the whole world our exemplary culture. We will never win an open war or terrorizing their society. Instead With irony, our society will be in obliteration and presently, coming in full manifestation as in Lebanon, Iraq and Afghanistan, the story continues to unfold at this very moment, with the Iranian nuclear tussle. We must subscribe to Pak Lah's philosophy of Islam hadhari, to propel our society as a champion of peace and a truly forward looking entity. Trying to out Islamic one political party against another will render our whole nation blind and destined to devastation.
Subscribe to Salam, subscribe to peace, subscribe to civility, subscribe to science and technology. Our society will inevitably enjoy a wondrous progression. Let Malaysia be an exemplary modern Muslim nation and a melting pot, where everyone endeavours the development of a fully scientific and industrialise nation without the sacrifice of civility. And that must be at the forefront and our perpetual struggle.
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